About the Artist

Throughout my artistic development I have been interested in conveying my intrigue of natural phenomena, especially those involved with light and dark/shadow (including the sun's cycle of light and shadow) and also those found from light's relationship with water; for example reflection, refraction, diffraction etc.

Through developing my use of medium to include water, wood, gold, fire and light as mediums and combining this practice with a developed understanding of composition (informed by Japanese aesthetics and a practice of drawing and painting), the two dimensional artworks integrate an unusual presence of spacial and sculptural concerns that are fairly unfamiliar in the art world so far. These artworks manifest as photograms. It is in this field that I feel my artwork is breaking new ground in new ways of expression.

My work can be sited around phenomenological sculpture / photogramy. Comparable concepts and content to the artists: James Turrell, Susan Derges, Gary Fabian Miller, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Ellesworth Kelly, Carl Andre, Tadao Ando etc

I am influenced by Japanese aesthetics, Taoist philosophy and Minimalism and inspired by nature and natural rhythms and laws.

I describe myself as a light sculptor, as my inspiration is found in my human relationship to cycles of natural light and dark throughout the year and find my works are a direct manifestation of this physical, primal experience.